Strat Labs collaborates with organizations to move from Point A to Point B, while providing a platform and outlet for leaders to do deep visionary work.

For the last 19 years, I have been working with nonprofits, foundations, conscious brands, and schools. I have had the opportunity to work with companies and institutions such as: AOL (Oath), Yahoo, REI, Maui Jim, Osprey, Bank of America, Denver Public Schools, Wounded Warrior Project, United States Olympic Committee, Veteran's Administration, @Properties, Coldwell Banker, United Way, and more. My engagements have ranged from working with cause-based brands to expand or develop partnerships in a sustainable way—to helping nonprofits and schools develop and achieve strategic goals which produce systematic change.

The approach includes easy to implement strategies for community engagement, branding, partnerships, and fundraising. 

I believe in this work. I believe that it does matter and that it has the power to transform our communities and our world. I have worked hard to understand the process and perfect it for my clients. I have proved my model: developing brand alignment with a nonprofit partner; helping organizations reach their aggressive revenue goals; defining a case for support; developing agile strategic plans; creating marketing plans and influencer content with a distinct ROI;  refining budgets; identifying partners, and coaching leaders through some tough stuff.  All of it inspires me, educates me, and motivates me to do more in this world where companies and organizations intersect.

Enter: Strat Labs.

I am thrilled to continue partnering with organizations and leaders who are bringing life to their mission, but who need a little extra support or perspective. Let's talk about the growth you would like to see, let's use some logic, and create a little magic.

With Respect,

Elizabeth Neufeld
Founder, Strat Labs

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Humans of

Strat Labs


Elizabeth Mallon Neufeld - Founder/CEO

Lizzy is an experienced strategist with a demonstrated history of organizational change management, program development, brand and community engagement, and strategic marketing and communications-- all driving toward fund development and capital raises.

Kendra Smith - Marketing Services Specialist

Kendra has a natural curiosity of human interaction, culture, and how to creatively collaborate and produce insights. She specializes in strategic and creative content supported by research, making connections, and producing materials that influence individuals and communities.

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Carrie Weingart - Design Director

Carrie has been honing her graphic design skills for nearly 20 years. In that time she has developed a unique ability to turn her clients' vision into a creative reality. Whether designing a logo for an eager entrepreneur or a brochure for a large corporation, Carrie finds joy in delivering beautiful and strategic design solutions to her client’s marketing and communication needs.