Welcome To The Lab

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Our team takes a deep dive into who you are, where you come from, and how you got here. We also look closely at industry trends to determine who might be doing it better and why.



Our team will write and present a work-plan that will include budgets, timelines, processes, and tools for implementation. We won’t just tell you how to do it, while we stroll carelessly into the sunset, but rather we will make sure you have the capacity to execute.

And if you don’t….


Lab Session

Strat Labs will facilitate a "pump you up, rock your world, throw it all out the window, while changing the world, one crazy idea at a time" lab session. This won't be like the rest.

We promise.


Lab Partners

We will work with your internal team to execute on the aforementioned plans. We provide ongoing marketing services that range from copywriting, social media management, collateral design, event production, and public relations.