I am woman. Hear me roar.

I started a post last night on Facebook and Twitter in a moment of both anger and inspiration. 

I was disheartened by all the stories about sexual violence against women, followed by the collective discrediting of women by Congress.

Yet at the same time, I was energized by my day and how incredibly empowering it was to be collaborating with all these women who are doing  incredible and diverse work. Simply put, I am overwhelmed with the number of women I know that are changing this world.

I contemplated how honest and real the conversations are with my women colleagues. There is no posturing. No nonsense. I don’t have to pretend to get off because of “another call”.  I can just bluntly tell them “I just arrived to pick-up my kids! I will take look at the document after bedtime tonight.”  I can tell them how tired I am because my five year old insist on snuggling with me in the middle of the night. I can share about my frustrations with parenting. And yet, we can also talk about the project and manage to get an eight hour day of work into an hour meeting. 

I agree with my sister in law, who wrote about the different badasses. Badass does come in a variety of forms. Inside and outside of the home, quiet and loud, social media expert, and those that don’t even have an Instagram account. Or those that spend their adult life caring for their adult parents and those that travel far for adventure and work. 

I know I come from white privilege. I recognize it, acknowledge it, and respect it. I recognize that most of my world is also privileged. With that, I recognize that race, poverty, and lack of education have an impact of on this cycle of success for many women.  

But if you are a woman and you are raising kids, working, volunteering, educating, participating, donating, supporting, learning, creating, leading, selling, dancing, writing, painting, fundraising, planning, running, training, or anything else that gives YOU purpose and meaning—then you are changing this global conversation about women.

I can’t claim to be a “pure” feminist. I like dirty and inappropriate jokes. I loved to be cared for by my husband. I don’t mind when I am praised for external factors. And until recently, I didn’t see myself as different than a man. 

But that has changed for me this year. I am different. I am a woman and I am proud to be part of a community of women, who support each other, our endeavors, successes, and failures. 

So with that…keep the tags on social media coming and don’t be shy. Tell us why these women rock because we all want to know more incredible women. 

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Elizabeth NeufeldComment