Success looks and feels differently to everyone, but here are some ways Strat Labs has seen success with their clients.



NEED: McKinley Thatcher Elementary School wanted to engage their community, increase enrollment, and define a vision for the school.

ENGAGEMENT: Strat Labs was hired for eight months to manage a community-wide audit, including surveying existing families, staff members, potential families, and families that choiced out of the school. A steering committee was also created to help with peer to peer engagement and to provide feedback on the process. After this discovery was complete, the community was brought together and into the building to learn more about the school, the survey results, and to have the opportunity to engage with the leadership staff.

DELIVERABLES: After the initial community meeting, we brought the leadership team together to create a working strategic and vision plan, which would increase enrollment. This plan included a detailed marketing and non-traditional school funding development plan to fill gaps in existing funding.

The plans were then presented at a final community meeting, with the goal of creating a brand within the community for the school, which would increase enrollment.

RESULTS: TBD AUGUST 2018 with the start of the new school year!


NEED: The Range Of Motion Project (ROMP) was in transition and needed to create leadership and funding stability, while also growing the board and creating a strategic plan.

ENGAGEMENT: Strat Labs coached the Executive Director and Board President for a period of two years to help more clearly define the strategy of the organization. Part of this strategy included clearly defining and measuring programs. These newly developed programs all had a revenue goal tied to their strategy. Strat Labs also aligned ROMP with strategic partnerships, that would help to move their agenda forward. This included both corporations and foundations.

DELIVERABLES: As part of the strategic plan, Strat Labs created ongoing nontraditional fundraising events, including the platforms and systems to manage them. They made the decision to forgo all traditional funding strategies to focus on activities that would yield the highest value for the time and money spent. During this time, a new board was created, a three-year strategic plan was developed, and the budget went from $120K to $500K, with a sustainability plan in place to help them reach $1 million by 2020. The staff was increased by three people to accommodate the ongoing growth. Strat Labs developed Partnerships with various institutions, such as the University Of Colorado, to help legitimize the work ROMP is doing through a large- scale measurement and evaluation study.

RESULTS: ROMP has become the leading global provider of prosthetic care to those that can not afford access to this critical healthcare. 


NEED: Strat Labs helped a multi-million dollar real estate company in Chicago, @Properties, make their mark in the community by creating the @Properties Friends and Neighbors Community Fund (@Gives Back).

ENGAGEMENT: This private foundation was envisioned, created, and executed by Strat Labs to help create further brand engagement within the communities being served by the @properties Realtors. The foundation was set up for both collection donations through sponsorships and agent participation and then give back to a nonprofit in the community. 

DELIVERABLES: Strat Labs put together a strategic plan and vision for this foundation. It was then executed to include a Board of Directors comprised of @Properties agents, interested in giving back to the community. There were events created to support the foundation.  Processes were put in place to select the recipient of the funds, collect donations, thank donors, and market activities to the community. 

RESULTS: @GivesBack has gone on to be a successful and thriving piece of the @Properties business, creating lasting value for both Realtors and their clients interested in supporting the communities they live in.