6-6:30 pm: Networking, appetizing, and introductions

6:30 pm-7:00 pm: Aligning your organization/brand with the “right” strategic partnerships.

7:00 pm-8:00 pm: Creating successful, scaleable, and sustainable programs through community engagement

8:00 pm- 8:30 pm: How to actively engage key stakeholders, including boards, influencers, brand ambassadors, etc

8:30-8:45 pm: Wrap-up and raffle

8:45 pm- 9:30 pm: Yoga- let all of the above marinate with this relaxing yoga practice


Nonprofit leaders looking for strategies around engaging with a brand

Marketing executives looking to engage with nonprofits in 2019

Brands already engaged with cause marketing, but not seeing any type of ROI


We will be using real organizational examples and diving into real problems, working in small groups, getting up, moving, brainstorming, creating, and producing tangible strategies to inspire both you and your staff.

Strat Labs will be collecting examples of organizational challenges around sponsorship or cause marketing or even failed cause marketing and sponsorship relationships. We will be using them for demonstration. All names will be changed, unless permission is given otherwise. Please fill this form out if you would like you organization or company to be considered.


This workshop is designed to inspire you to think outside the box about marketing and focus on community engagement as a strategy for moving partnerships forward.

Register here. There is no cost for this event.


August 14th, 2018-Session One: ReDiscover Kickoff: The Whole Leadership Experience, 8 AM-4 PM: 

This session will help leaders turn a vision into a strategy--that is both effective and feasible given current resources. The workshop will use art, movement, and mindfulness exercises to connect to the strategic planning process. It will help leaders tap into their authentic self and find a way to properly communicate their school vision. These exercises will enhance the consistency of leaders’ values and approach--developing skills to work more effectively with staff, parents, students, and community members.

September 13th, 2018- Session Two: Inspiring Your Community: 8 AM -12 PM, @ University of Denver-The Commons

This session will focus on how to communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly in way that inspires your community to engage in a productive process for continuous improvement. Leaders will work on strategic communication plans, which address SPF ratings, but also provide a clear path for development of culture and continuous improvement.  We will use real examples and help each leader with a plan that is easily implemented.

We have aligned this session with the upcoming SPF release and will tackle issues related to this process.

October 16th, 2018 - Session Three: Using strategic communication for impact: 8 AM-12 PM: @ University of Denver-The Commons

This session will focus on how to engage your community in a process of change due to ever changing budgets. It will also give you tools to tackle the choice process through community engagement with tools for school marketing and communication. We will use real examples and help each leader with a plan that is easily able to be implemented. We have aligned this session with budget planning and choice processes

November 15th, 2018- Session Four: How to inspire your team through values-based leadership: 8 AM-12 PM: @ University of Denver-The Commons

This session will use art to create an inspiration map for your staff, students, and community. It will address the need to retain and potentially recruit talent, while also looking at how shifting positions to fit budgetary needs can impact the entire team. We have aligned this session with talent recruitment. 

December 13th, 2018- Session Five: Inspiring inclusive school culture: 8 AM- 12 PM: @ University of Denver-The Commons

Leaders will look at process for creation and development of their UIP, which is based on their values and school vision. It will consider the work of the previous months and the work still needing to be accomplished. It will dive deep into what it means to have an “inclusive culture” and how to effectively engage your community in that vision. This session is aligned with the Unified Improvement Plan Preparation/Strategic School Planning/Budgeting

May 15th, 2019- Session Six: Wrapping it all up/Lessons Learned: 8 AM- 12 PM: @ University of Denver-The Commons

Leaders will review the work of the previous months and put together a portfolio of change, which will look at where they came from and where they are heading for the following school year. We will revisit intentions set, challenges faced, obstacles overcome, and ways to move forward in the coming school year.                                                                   


This workshop is designed specifically for Principals, Assistant Principals, Senior Team Leads, and/or Deans. You can pick and choose which sessions you and your team attend--or you can purchase the entire six-part series for $2000, which will also include coaching and staff facilitation. 

This learning opportunity meets the guidelines of the LEAD scholarship* for DPS Principals and would cover the full cost of the series. Please click here for the application.

If not choosing the entire series

  • $750 for Session One/Per School

  • $350 per person- Sessions 2-6/Additional team members are $100

*Scholarships from DPS won't be awarded till late August, but no worries! Just show us that you filled out/submitted the form by emailing us a screen shot or picture, we will respond with a top secret code to register.



Additional facilitators will be announced throughout the fall

ELIZABETH NEUFELD, Founder of Strat Labs: 

Expertise: Community engagement, strategic partnerships, marketing, and fundraising

Strat Labs began after 18 years of working with nonprofits, schools, foundations, and business executives. Drawing on these experiences inspired her to create the “lab” model, which welcomes people in and facilitates a process of creation, innovation, inspiration, and change. Elizabeth advises and counsels corporations, non-profit organizations, foundations, and schools to help create strategic change. The Lab creates a framework for long-term sustainability and equips leaders with tangible development strategies to reach specific goals and identify roadblocks to growth.


Expertise: community-school partnerships, school culture and health, whole child, community-driven action research/evaluation, school-based behavioral health systems, project-based learning

Intentional Impact provides highly-individualized, data-driven support to organizations aiming to improve their strategies and services for youth and community development initiatives. Amy Engelman is the founder and principal of Intentional Impact. Her expertise is in youth development and is most passionate about engaging youth in research and evaluation to improve the programs and practices that are intended to serve them. As a community psychologist, she emphasizes the connections, relationships and environments that facilitate youth, schools and communities in reaching their fullest potential. With her interdisciplinary background, she is always making connections across systems and streamlining processes in order to realize and sustain shared goals.

KELLI PHAFF, MEd, Social Sciences in Education

A Denver native, Kelli has spent the past twenty years working in youth development and educational settings. Kelli completed her graduate work in Social Sciences in Education at Stanford University and her award winning master’s thesis focused on reinventing the American high school. Kelli’s vast background includes experience as a youth program coordinator, a middle and high school teacher, Director for Student Engagement at Denver Public Schools (DPS) and more recently as the Chief of Staff to the Assistant Superintendent at DPS and Director of Strategic Supports.

ORLY EISBART, Movement Leader, Orly Marcelle Lifestyles

Expertise: Helping individuals Rediscover their focus through intention

Orly began her yoga and meditation studies in 1996. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2000. She has studied with many master teachers but her main influence has been Shiva Rea. She believes yoga asana can be a moving meditation using the breath to go beyond the physical body with conscious intention. She believes that by moving with awareness, we can let go of our outer boundaries and connect to our true nature. Orly will lead us to become more aware of negative thought patterns that affect confidence and cloud judgment. You will learn practical tools for stress and relaxation that can easily be integrated into daily life, both in the classroom and outside.

REBECCA KANOV, MA Movement Therapy, Creative Arts Therapist, ARTS AND MINDS

Expertise: Providing tools for educators to incorporate art and movement into the classroom

Rebecca has worked with children of all ages using movement and creative arts in many different settings, including schools, treatment facilities, yoga festivals, and in the studio. She has educated caregivers and teachers on how to best connect with their littlest ones though creative arts therapy, massage, and movement. Connecting with these families and children has increasingly raised Rebecca’s awareness to the need for kiddos to play and be in the moment in order to feel grounded and self-express. After developing a training program and curriculum, she became more dedicated to the cause of implementing programming using movement and creative arts in traditional learning environments.